April 02, 2021


Daniel Jüde was contracted by fashion designer, international editor, & Forbes Magazine writer Joseph DeAcetis to create an original music piece for his upcoming men's fashion brand "Potro".

The song is a complete acoustic ballad featuring guitar, bass, drums, cello, and vocal performances by Daniel Jüde & backing vocals from his fiancé Lexzy Fitzke. All recorded at Daniel Jude's studio "Electric Temple Studios". The lyrics feature a story of a man going through the grief of losing a loved one and the memory of a song that his love used to sing to him.


The whole vibe of the track is reminiscent to acts from the 70's such as "James Taylor" & "Seals & Crofts". Potro takes these inspirations and gives it a modern production. The thing that sets this track apart from the others is the transition to a full Spanish chorus.

Since he connected with the song so much, Joseph had Daniel Jüde star in the inaugural fashion commercial for Potro. The commercial will take you through a journey of the song's lyrics in beautiful historic St. Augustine, Florida. All the while featuring key fashion pieces from the Potro Menswear line.

*At the time of this blog post the video will still be upcoming*

Daniel Jüde releases the audio recording on all major streaming platforms today (April 2nd 2021).

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