Daniel Jude is a singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from Florida. Daniel has always been a musician from a young age. As a child, his family moved frequently never being able to solidify a home town. During high school, after not making the baseball team and not being very popular, guitar became a sanctuary for Daniel to turn to. As a way of expressing himself, he played around in multiple bands where he fostered his talents and eventually found his voice. At age 19, Daniel moved to Manhattan working as a high fashion model. There he participated in New York Fashion week where he represented Ozzy Osbourne and Tom Waites for Jeans for Refugees runway show. Daniel was inspired by the sounds and styles of New York City and Miami.  From these inspirations, he crafted the sound that is Daniel Jude. With influences of pop, rock, indie and alternative, Daniel produced singles like Fire of Your Gun, Haunts Me, and most recently, Dancing Slowly. Daniel Jude has been featured at multiple music festivals around Florida, performing at The University of Miami and featured on local news channel, Spectrum News 13.